An Interfaith Website for Christian-Jewish Relations

The CCCJ was incorporated in 1947. It reflected the European origins of most Canadians, seeking to build bridges between Christians and Jews who shared almost two thousand years of religious tension and antisemitic hostility that climaxed in the Holocaust. Business, political, and religious leaders came together, guided by a vision of Canada as a nation founded on, bound together by, and dedicated to the moral ideals of peace, justice, freedom of conscience and the universal Brotherhood/Sisterhood of humanity. The Council's programs in the 1950's and 1960's helped lay the secure foundation for the peaceful building of the Canadian cultural mosaic before the invention of the word multiculturalism.

After 1950 Chapters of the Council were established in major cities of Western Canada and for many years the Council had its office for the Western Region in Calgary. In 1987 the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Alberta, was formed on a strictly volunteer basis.


The Council seeks by educational means to promote justice, friendship, understanding and cooperation among Canadians differing in race, religion or ethnic origin. It analyzes and moderates intergroup prejudices which distort cultural, social, business, and political relations with a view to establish a social order where the ideals of peace and justice become the standards of human relationships. The Council has since its beginning been a symbol of peace in action, proving that Jews and Christians could work together, despite real differences, to promote dialogue, education and community action for everyone's benefit. As the religious composition of Canadian society has been changing over the years, the Council has engaged in interfaith relations and dialogues other than between Christians and Jews. However, as our name implies, we want to continue to encourage the fight against every kind of bigotry, prejudice and hate based on fear and ignorance, by building confidence mainly between the two communities.

We believe that all communities can find a high common ground on which to work together, if we allow ourselves to be inspired by the spiritual values of the world's great faiths. It is not enough "to live and let live" each in isolation; not enough to speak out only when there is trouble, or when "I" or "my people" are victims; not enough to rely on government programs and civil servants to make the country work. In the interest of the country truly "strong and free", each of us must actively and constantly be "my brother's and sister's keeper".


Membership is open to any individual of any faith and ethnic background. If you share our vision, then share with us your support, your time, and your good will to help keep our Canadian dream alive. Any person donating $25.00 or more annually is considered a member of the CCCJ-Alberta. The Presbyterian, Lutheran, United, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches (PLURA) and the Conservative and Liberal synagogues are officially represented on the Board of the Alberta Region. These representatives work side by side with a number of volunteer directors.