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The CCCJ sponsors workshops, public information endeavours, dialogues, presentations and gatherings to promote unity and goodwill. The Council has worked on an ongoing basis with educational and community organizations churches and synagogues..

Christian-Jewish Dialogues

The Council holds an Annual Jewish-Christian Dialogue which is attended by the public. Among other internationally renowned Jewish, Protestant and Catholic speakers at these Dialogues were Dr. Eugen Fisher of the Office for Catholic Jewish Relations of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in the US, Dr. Manuel Prutschi, Canadian Jewish Congress, Prof. Dr. Emil Fackenheim, Jewish philosopher and theologian, Prof. Dr. Paul van Buren, Christian theologian and writer, Prof. Rabbi Reuven Hammer from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Prof. Dr. Alan T. Davies, Christian theologian, University of Toronto and many others.

At one of the Dialogues, attended by 500 Christians and Jews, Christian and Jewish actors played Scenes of Passover and Easter, written by Caroline Russell-King and directed by Zelda Dean. Dialogues around tables of eight gave people the opportunity to listen and learn about the meaning of Passover for Jews and of Easter for Christians.

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week

CCCJ – Alberta is promoting a "Speakers' Roster" for celebrating the annual Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week, the third week in February. Speakers from the Jewish and Christian communities of Calgary are being offered to each other for involvement in worship or study groups promoting understanding and dialogue during this week. Various speakers on the roster have allowed their names to stand for speaking engagements throughout the year. Ongoing Seminars on diverse interfaith topics; drama presentations with table discussions; panel discussion on relevant films; clergy meetings; pulpit exchanges etc.